Non-Surgical Remodeling: Morpheus is one of the most advanced ablative radio frequency treatments available. It penetrates deeper, reaching into the fat layer of the skin where it goes to work tightening, smoothing and contouring the skin. This medical grade procedure is more effective and less invasive than surgery and requires a physician to be an integral part of the planning and oversight.

How it works?

This minimally invasive medical grade aesthetic procedure treats areas of the face and body that exhibit wrinkles, discoloration, elasticity, scarring, stretch marks and excess fat in 1 to 3 treatments with almost no downtime. This technology is colorblind and can be used on all skin types as it effects a triple action treatment of: fat coagulation, connective tissue contraction, and optimal heating of the skin cells.

How it gets the RF energy deeper?

This energy is scientifically proven to remodel and rebuild the collagen (nature’s building blocks) in the deeper layers of the skin with minimal changes to the overlying skin. The gold-plated steel micro-pins of the Morpheus allow this energy to work on an even deeper and more effective level of the sub dermis and accelerate cell turnover.

Duration and Number of treatments

The procedure takes 30 minutes with an hour for numbing cream beforehand. 1-3 sessions 4 weeks apart are recommended for optimal results. Improvements continue up to three months after the final session.

Pain & Downtime

A topical anesthetic is applied which means almost zero pain. Little to no downtime and makeup can be applied after 2 days.

Treatment Areas

Face and Neck / Abdomen / Stretch Marks / Vaginal rejuvenation (external).


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